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Next-Day Bread. Fresh.

That's what we do. We're a commercial bakery that sells in volume (most of our customers are restaurants and hotels), and our first priority is service: tell us what you need and we'll deliver! Literally.

We live in South Austin! Though only just established here in 2008, our family has been baking for over a hundred years. That said, what we bake has changed over time to fit the needs of the community. On the whole, our focus at HearthStone is American Softbreads: hamburger buns, hotdog buns, hoagies, sandwich bread, rolls, breadsticks, pizza crusts, hoagies, you name it! Have a cool new idea for a bun? We'll come up with a way to make it work. Need a bread solution handled yesterday? We've got a wide variety of products to choose from. Just curious about what we can do? Give us a call!

We would love the chance to serve you,
-Jeff DeSouza

About Us . Our Bakery's Lineage
1908 Joaquim Santana de Souza founds 'Padaria Souza' (Souza Bakery) in Goa, a Portuguese Colony.
1938 Joaquim's twenty year old son, Jose Francisco, takes over the family business.
1961 Jose Francisco renames the bakery 'Souza and Sons.'
1971 Jose Francisco's son, Oscar, immigrates to America and gets his MBA in Dallas.
1978 Oscar founds Sweet Tooth Bakery, a retail location, in Dallas.
1979 Oscar renames the bakery 'Souza Baking' and starts wholesale operations.
1991 Oscar renames the bakery 'Signature Bakery.'
2008 Oscar's son, Jeff, moves to Austin to start HearthStone Baking Company.